$200, plus production in virtually any size the client wishes as a Giclee print on paper, on canvas, glass, metal, tile, cups and plates…almost anything. Use the basic fee and look at the production process price list at the end of this section. They are a guide only at this time. The final should be […]


MEMORIES OF D-DAY I am working on a very interesting piece from the Battle of Normandy in WW2. The client’s father was the Captain of one of the US Navy LCTs making two landings in the second wave at Omaha Beach before being destroyed. The entire crew survived. My client’s father was the Captain of […]


First time collaboration  This was an unusual project in that it was a referral from another illustrator. We are collaborating on the finished piece with her doing the people and me doing the car. The client has granted me permission to sell prints of the car alone. I plan to add a P-51 Mustang in the background. (Click […]

Tony Colaizzi Digital Art and Music 2019

This is a link to Tony’s YouTube slide show of some recent additions to his portfolio. He not only created the art, but wrote and performed the music. Fee for his pieces is $120, plus print costs dependent on clients wishes: canvas, Giclee print, etc. Shipping is also extra.Contact Tony for details acolaizzzi@ccolaizzidesign,com.


Moon +477 My son Tony’s latest abstract art again inspired by his fascination with astronomy and mathematics. This is hanging in the “Dayton Contemporary” gallery exhibit for the month. Some of his work is still on display in Dilly’s Bistro in Cincinnati at this time. Fee for this piece is $120, plus print costs dependent […]

Runner up at Cincinnati Concours

Second behind a terrific Dan Brown “Autoimpressionist” I am honored to named second behind a great younger artist. Lots lots of talent at this year’s show, although we all missed Charlie Maher, Dan Mccrary and Sue Steele. They missed for a variety of reasons but would have certainly moved me down the awards list. Check out their […]


CLOUD 223 My son Tony’s latest abstract art inspired by his fascination with astronomy and mathematics. This is among a number of pieces done since his very successful exhibition in January. Some of his work is on display in Dilly’s Bistro in Cincinnati at this time. fee is $120, plus print costs dependent on clients […]


A COMMISSION FOR A COLLEGE CAR What started out as a college car continued through marriage, a restoration, and children the owner’s children graduating from college, is now a eye catching example of the Iconic Firebird. This is the original, with another version offered in the “Work For for Sale” section Click to enlarge


CHAMPAGNE AVIATION MUSEUM NEW HOME FOR JIMMY DOOLITTLE AND THE CURTISS RC3-2 IN 1925 The Champagne Aviation Museum will be the new home for print #1of the third, and last, in my series of Schneider Trophy seaplane racers. This one was flown to victory by Jimmy Doolittle at a speed of 232 MPH over […]

A couple of 1930’s quick brits

A COUPLE OF 1930’S QUICK BRITS A new graphite drawing of another Schneider Trophy racing seaplane. The Supekrmarine 6B flown by RAF pilot John Boothman; combined with an MG Q driven by Doreen Evans. Giclee prints of 18 x 24 are available for $275. Proof-paper of 13 x 19 are available for $90. Both prints […]

Put In Bay 2017

Put In Bay 2017 This poster commemorates the 2017 running of the Put-in-Bay Road Races Reunion, the reincarnation of the famous Put-In-Bay races of the 1960s. It is the seventh in the new series. Each entrant receives a poster designed and illustrated by Bob each year. Signed and dated copies of this 2016 edition 13 […]


MANY OF THE ZAPATA RACE TEAM GATHER FOR A “XX” BEER The piece came to be known as the “beer ad” as it developed around the illustrations of the two MGAs. It just happened the Zapata team mates all were drinking the same beer, Dos Equis. They were standing around the open hood of the […]

A 1954 ALFA ROMEO 1900

THIS ALFA 1900 RAN THE VINTAGE MILLE MIGLIA These two cars belong a collector and vintage racer from Boston.The 1900 is due to launch on another international rally this year. The Giulietta Spyder in the background is raced regularly in the East and came West to win its group at the 2017 Lake Erie Put-in-Bay […]


TAZIO AND THE ALFA P3 Composite graphite drawing of Tazio Nuvolari, pre-war Italian ace, with the legendary Alfa Romeo P3 Grand Prix car. In the foreground is the car at a recent British vintage hill climb. Giclee prints available, 24 x 18, at $175 each. Signed proof-paper prints at 13 x 19 are available at […]

TAZIO and the P3

Nuvolari with the 1932 Alfa Romeo P3 Back to Bob’s drawing skills in his newest piece. It is a composite of Nuvolari with the 1932 Alfa Romeo P3, with a restored P3 racing at Goodwood in this century. A series of 10 signed and numbered Giclee prints available, 24 x 18 at $300 each. Signed […]

Ferrari GTB/4

The Ferrari GTB/4 won it’s class and finished third overall at Le Mans. 13. Click to enlarge.