1. The process begins with a photograph selected by the client. The better the photo. the better the final art. It must be of sufficient size and resolution to provide adequate reference. Additional elements, beyond featured vehicle, will be priced at this stage.
  2. The elements of the composition are then blocked-out, using the reference photos, and sent to the client for comment.
  3. The acutal illustration begins with a hand-drawn pencil rendering. This will take several weeks. The drawing is then scanned and digitized.
  4. The process can end here and the client will receive a high-quality, Giclee “mono-print” of the drawing, signed and dated by the artist. Smaller, unsigned copies may be made for the artist’s portfolio.
  5. The pencil drawing can then become the base for a digitally painted color illustration that will result in a Giclee “mono-print.”

Read full process here… Bob Colaizzi Creative process.

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